Precision Controls
 P.O. Box 670
 Ruskin FL. 33575-0670
 Phone: 813-480-7346  Fax: 813-641-9295
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The Precision Control team is a privately held and operated company in the USA. We network with US and worldwide industry leaders to monitor chemical treatment and filtration of water systems. We strive to provide operators and consumers with the best quality products backed by the manufacturer. As a Master Stocking Distributor we strive for express product delivery that is followed by local and manufacturer assisted technical service support to keep your equipment running.
  • Master
    Stocking Distributor and Representative for the EMEC
    Americas product line of Amperometric Sensors,
    Analyzers, Chemical Feed System Accessories,
    Communication Systems, Controllers, and Solenoid
    Actuated Diaphragm Chemical Feed Pumps
  • Distributor for Flomotion Systems line of Electromagnetic,  Ultra-Sonic Flow and Level Meters and Peristaltic Tube and Hose Chemical Feed Pumps.
  • Distributor for the Pan World line of Magnetic Drive Transfer Pumps.
  • Distributor for the Myron L Company line of Handheld Analyzers.
  • Representative and Technical Support for the RODI
    Systems Corporation of Filtration Design / Build /
  • We also carry a variety of other Instrumentation, Parts,
    Accessories, and Provide System Integration




Precision Control seeks out the best technologically advanced products through a consistent increase in network chains to provide consumers with the best
informative solutions in a safety conscious manor.

Precision Control takes the time to understand your requirements, apply the best suitable technology available, and provide impeccable assurance to your system. We are not in business for A sale.

We are in business for a mutually beneficial RELATIONSHIP that is built on TRUST and RESPECT for each other. We do not supply the cheapest products available, as we are looking to grow a long-term relationship and supply quality products at a cost
effective price. If you have not taken the time to look through the product lines that we offer, then you are missing out on testing the advantages.

Precision Control is a proud member of the following associations:


Symposium Dates for 2010:
October 24th – 26th at the Renaissance Resort at World Golf Village in St. Augustine FL







Florida Rural Water Association:
Trade Show Dates for 2010:
August 30th – September 1st at the Hyatt Regency Jacksonville-Riverfront in Jacksonville FL


Water and Fluid Treatment Applications

(Park – Residential)
Dairy Processing Greenhouse Metal Plating Power Plant

Design & Development Systems

Health Care Facility Meat Processing Printers


Homes Mining Pulp and Paper Mill
Bleach Processing

Dry Cleaners

Hospitals Mobile Homes
(Residential – Parks)
Rehabilitation Centers


Boiler and Cooling Tower


Hotel Motels Residential


Hydroponics Nursery

Municipality Restaurant
Car Washes

Fish Farm

Irrigation Optical Laboratories Swimming Pool
Chemical  Containment
(Standard – Custom Fabrication)

Fluid Process System
(Single – Multiple)

Juice Processing Paint Processing Textile Mills
Chemical Manufacturing

Food Processing

Laboratories   Package Fruit/Vegetables Waste Water Treatment
(Small – Municipal)
Containment Systems


Landscape Nursery Pharmaceutical Water Treatment
(Small – Municipal)
Corrosion Resistant Systems

Golf Course

Laundry mats Poultry Farm/Hatchery Well Systems
    And most importantly, YOU    

Home EMEC FloMotion Pan World Myron L. Additional Services Contacts

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